Private Customers

Personalised customer service and innovative ideas
Retail banking is Erste Bank's core business area, one in which the bank distinguishes itself through high-quality products, comprehensive service and expertise. In this tradition, Erste & Steiermärkische Bank has developed a competitive range of retail banking products and services to optimally meet your requirements. Therefore, profit from the professionalism of Erste Bank and die Steiermärkische Bank in Croatia, enjoy top service quality and advice based on your individual financing requirements. With Erste & Steiermärkische Bank your retail banking is handled quickly and reliably. It is you, our customer, who benefits from the synergy created through our cross-border co-operation and knowledge transfer from Austria.

Product/ServiceYour needs and requirementsErste&Steiermärkische Bank offer
Payment OperationsYour payments processed simply, quickly, easily and cheaplyHRK and/or foreign currency accounts
Cashless payments worldwide - the convenient way to make payments all over the world and obtain travel insuranceCredit and debit cards
Account access and ability to withdraw money from your account around the clockDebit cards, ATM
Carry out standard banking transactions from a PC, over the telephone or mobile phoneErste NetBanking, Erste Fon, Erste mBanking
Personal financeMeet your short and long term financing requirements with efficiency and flexibility - the simplest way to gain increased financial flexibilityLoans
Saving and investmentsSound investment at attractive ratesCall money and time deposits with varying maturities in HRK and/or foreign currencies
Sound investment at attractive rates with premiumTime deposits with premium
The way to increase your assets by regular savingSavings books and accounts
The road to high-yield investments on capital marketsInvestment funds
My pension, my security! The best combination for your retirement!Pension funds
Investing in safety and security can be easy and profitableLife insurance
Other servicesInformation regarding the usage of debit and/or credit cards through mobile phone (SMS)Erste SMS Service