Coin deposit machine

No need to waste your time daily on coins, let us and coin machine that enables coin deposits and counting worry about them. Erste Coin Machine enables the following:

  • deposits to business accounts will be executed on the same day for coin deposits made by noon from Monday to Friday, and deposits made after this time will be visible on your account on next work day
  • executed payments are visible on your statement and in account transactions overview
  • maximum daily amount for coin deposits per Visa Business Debit card is 20,000 kuna per coin machine
  • coin machine accepts 5 kuna, 2 kuna, 0.50 kuna, 0.20 kuna, 0.05 kuna, 0.02 kuna and 0.01 kuna coins

Erste Coin Machine Advantages


Lower fees for transaction account deposits


Fast and simple – you only need to put the coins in the machine, and the machine will count them and transfer the funds to your transaction account


In order to use our coin machine you will need an Erste transaction account and a Visa Business Debit Card.


Fee for coin machine deposit

1,50% of transaction amount

Instructions for using the coin machine


To start the coin deposit process, tap any of the boxes


ATM use instruction will be displayed, guiding you through the process


Insert the card in ATM card reader to register


Remove your card from the machine


Insert the coins in appropriate slot, and then lift it


Amount of counted coins will be displayed on the screen


Select one of the following options on the screen: “continue depositing coins” if you wish to deposit more coins, or “finish depositing coins”


Take your receipt out of the lower left slot in the ATM


  • if the slot for inserting coins is full, additional coins cannot be inserted outside the slot nor forcefully inserted in the slot
  • it is important that you follow the instructions displayed on the screen

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