Mastercard Business Debit

A reliable financial support in every business situation.

Internationally accepted business card for companies, craftsmen, freelance activities and organisations. Reliable financial support in every business situation.

Withdrawing Cash Worldwide

You can withdraw cash at Erste Bank's and Erste Group’s ATMs in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Moldavia without additional fees, or with the additional fee if the service is provided by the ATM of another bank.

Cash Deposit

With the card and contracted transaction account you have the possibility to pay i.e. deposit cash at ATMs with both payment and withdrawal function, ATMs with deposit function and Automated Coin Deposit Machines machines, owned by the Bank.

Cashless Payments

Pay at points of sale with Mastercard label around the world, and shop online safely with Mastercard SecureCode service.

Issuing Additional Cards for all Assignees per Business Account

Additional business card can be issued at the request of a business entity to authorized users who are listed in the Request for Card Issuance.

Expenses control

Limits can be determined for each card linked to the account of a business entity. Business entity may at any time deny cash withdrawals at an ATM or card usage at a point of sale to each authorized card user.

Free Pin Change at Erste ATMs

You can change PIN for your card at any Erste Bank ATM free of charge.

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