Personal Income Payments

For employers whose employees own Erste bank accounts there are several methods of executing personal income payments, depending on whether employers own a transaction account at the Bank:

  • by using Erste NetBanking service (for employers who own an account at Erste Bank)
  • by delivering payroll specifications via email or fax or at a Bank branch (employer does not need to own an account at Erste bank).

SEPA (from 06/06/2016)

By implementing SEPA, previous form of electronic file used for salary payment (group order - order type in file 4: salaries, other regular and occasional income) can be replaced with an XML file pain.001 and select one bank that will be used to execute all salary payment orders. Payer account needs to be opened in the bank to which pain.001 file is delivered, and bank shall execute the orders to transfer the funds to recipients’ bank accounts.

Sending salary payment orders using pain.001 file does not need to be contracted separately. 

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