Fixed-Term Deposits

Instead of leaving your funds to lie in wait on your accounts, we propose a smart business - make additional profit from interest rates by setting up a fixed-term deposit.

Benefits of Fixed-Term Deposits


Make additional profit by setting up a fixed-term deposit


The possibility to set up a fixed-term deposit for a limited timeperiod in full orwith automatic renewal


Various possible fixed-term periods you can set freely


No required purposes for fixed-term deposits



Fixed-Term Deposits

Deposits can be in Kuna, Kuna with a foreign currency clause or foreign currency. Bank pays interest on deposits agreed under specific deposit agreements. Contractual interest is calculated on deposited funds from the date the funds were deposited until the fixed-term contract date and it is paid after the fixed-term period expires.

Interests on deposits are calculated using conformity method based on actual number of days in a year, unless otherwise contracted.

Automatic Renewal of Fixed-Term Deposits

If you do not withdraw the fixed-term deposit with interests within 8 days after the fixed-term period expires or fail to cancel further fixed-term deposits in writing, the fixed-term deposit renews automatically for the same period and under terms valid on the expiry date of the fixed-term period.

Deposit Insurance

Deposits placed at the Erste Bank are insured with the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution - DAB.

From 25 July 2015 the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution ensures deposits of savers in the amount of EUR 100.000, inclusive, per depositor and credit institution in Kuna equivalent according to the middle rate of the Croatian National Bank valid on the date of the ensured case.

More information on the deposit insurance system can be found in the document "Basic Information on Deposit Insurance" in all Erste Bank Branch Offices or by contacting the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Resolution.

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