Erste Bank Group electronic banking standard for multinational businesses entities.

As a standard service in the Erste Bank Group, it is available in Croatia (Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d.), Austria (Erste Bank der oesterreichischen Sparkassen AG), Czech Republic (Ceska sporitelna, a. s.), Slovakia (Slovenska sporitelna, a. s.), Hungary (Erste Bank Hungary RT.) i Romania (Banca Comerciala Romana).

In Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d. it is possible to arrange the MultiCash service only for accounts managed by the Erste Bank. However, in the near future it will be possible to arrange the MultiCash service to access the accounts of all members within the Erste Bank Group.


days a year

MultiCash is an electronic banking service designed to bring financial savings and save client's time - clients can perform financial transactions regardless of the working hours of the branch office, and with considerably lower fees compared to traditional payments, from any computer of the client with installed MultiCash system.

The advantage of MultiCash service in relation to the online banking service is the use of a single user interface to access all client accounts, regardless of the fact which bank manages the accounts. Thus, using a unique electronic banking service you can access accounts in all member banks within the Erste Bank Group.

The service is primarily intended for large national and international clients, but may be used by all businesses entities.

MultiCash service is available in Croatian and English language.

MultiCash service provides the following:

  • checking the balance of the accounts managed by the Bank
  • overview of transactions on the account
  • transferring funds between accounts
  • performing in-country and international payment orders
  • importing payment orders from the bookkeeping program
  • exporting account bank statements in MT940 format Drafting templates for payment orders
  • defining vendors (clients), currencies, banks
  • advanced definition of service user rights

How to use MultiCash service:


minimum technical requirements must be met


read the General Terms on Using MultiCash service for business clients


fill out and sign the MultiCash service use request for business clients (guidelines for filling out the application form)


submit the request to the financial representative in the Bank

Minimum technical requirements

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