Erste NetBanking for Business Clients

Simplify your own financial management.

NetBanking Refreshed

Improved Erste NetBanking service for business clients, as well as redesigned login page for private clients.


Balance and Transactions Overview

View the balance of all your accounts (business accounts, fixed-term deposits in domestic currency and foreign currencies, loan accounts in domestic currency and foreign currencies, guarantees and letters of credit).

Payment of salaries

Payment of salaries and repayment of loans for the employees who receive salary via current account managed by Erste Bank.

Payment Orders in kuna and Foreign Currencies

Pay your bills, transfer funds between accounts and take advantage of our low service fees.

Request for BON-2

Request your BON-2 form from your own accounts or the accounts of other legal entities managed by Erste Bank.

Managing Erste Asset Management Funds

Issue/purchase/exchange your investment fund assets using Erste Asset Management.

Activation of Erste SMS service

Activate, deactivate and modify your Erste SMS service.

Secure and simple login

Using the same authentication to access services of different clients, but only at the request of the user (e. g. access to personal online banking and business online banking using the same logging data).


Log in using four-digit PIN is fast and simple.

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