Entrepreneurial Starter Programme – support for your business beginnings.

Because it is important to get a head start

Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art.
It is a practice.

Peter Drucker

You have original and quality business ideas, but not the necessary resources for their realisation? You need resources to achieve your plans and ensure further growth of your business venture? In order to prevent good entrepreneurial concepts from remaining ideas, join the Entrepreneur Starter of Erste Bank. This programme is aimed at unemployed individuals who want to dive into entrepreneurship, i.e. beginner entrepreneurs that have opened their own business in the last two years.

The programme's goal is to encourage self-employment and entrepreneurship development by offering free of charge support in shaping and realising a business idea. It includes online training about relevant entrepreneurial topics, consulting and financing.

Free online training

Candidates chosen after receiving and analysing submitted applications will be granted access to free online training. The training covers areas that are important for the candidate's personal and entrepreneurial development, from the development of a business idea and a business plan, and market evaluations for potential clients and their needs, to improving sales skills and quality cost estimation. The training can be accessed anywhere and anytime, which provides the candidates with additional flexibility in organising their time and coordinating it with other responsibilities.


A business plan is an overview of the current state and strategic guidelines for the development of a business venture as well as projections of revenue and operating cash flow. The starting point of any business plan should be actual facts and circumstances and realistic assumptions about the future. In order to efficiently create a well prepared business venture Bank will provide you with tolls that can help you: guidelines for creating a business plan, tables for the calculation of financial projections and entrepreneur manual. During the process, you can count on our support.


Upon finishing training and loan consulting, interested candidates can submit a loan request to the Bank that will carry out a final evaluation of all the projects in order to choose the projects that Erste Bank will finance.

The loan programme is implemented in cooperation with the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (CBRD), the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Union within the framework of the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) – Micro Loan Guarantee Facility for the Financing of Micro-Entrepreneurs (EIF’s CIP Guarantee). Erste Bank is one of the participants in the CBRD programme.

About the initiative

The Step by Step initiative, launched in all members of the international Erste Group, contributes to further development of communities, social and economic equality and financial inclusion of citizens. Entrepreneur Starter is a programme developed for beginner entrepreneurs, while Step by Step initiative is focused on two additional separate programmes – developing and partnering with civil society organisations – and on educations for citizens about personal finance.