The bank is the people.

At Erste Group, we value the individual. This is true for the thousands of clients whose needs we strive to fulfil, but also for our employees.

Excellence is only possible when employees with personality, talent and experience come together. We are proud to work in a team with innovative and diverse individuals.

How to become part of the Erste team?

Why is it good to be an Erste employee?

Wellbeing is a culture in which we care for ourselves, but also for each other.

We believe that a meaningful and purposeful workplace is an important tool for career development. On the other hand, financial side of it provides economic security for our families and us. Through the acquisition of new knowledge and interests we ensure our intellectual progress.

Quality interpersonal relationships are an important part of the social aspect of our private and business lives, and health care is an indispensable element needed for the satisfaction and productivity of all employees.

If you recognize yourself in our values, #believeinyourself and join us on an Erste journey!

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