Erste Maestro® Card

Much simpler and faster than cash.

Erste Maestro Card is issued with Kuna current account and it brings you following benefits:

  • more safety - no need to carry significant amounts in cash
  • convenient payment regardless of currency
  • possibility of contactless payment

Withdrawing cash in Croatia and abroad

  • Withdrawing cash at Erste ATMs without additional fees
  • Withdrawing cash at Erste Group’s ATMs in Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Moldavia without additional fees
  • Withdrawing cash at ATMs and cash withdrawal counters of other banks that carry Maestro label in Croatia and abroad, with additional fee for service provider
  • Possibility of depositing cash to your account by using self-service devices, so you no longer need to wait in line and worry about branch office work hours (funds will be immediately available on your account)

Erste Rate – cash withdrawals with instalment repayment

Contract a service that enables you to get necessary cash quickly and easily in emergencies.

  • ATM cash withdrawals with instalment repayment
  • Shopping with instalment repayment and/or payment deferral at contracted points of sale without additional fees and interest
  • Limit usage monitoring via Erste NetBanking, Erste SMS or free of charge monthly statements

Contactless Payment

Erste Maestro® contactless card uses brand new payment technology, and enables contactless payment at points of sale that carry contactless payment label.

How to get one?

Maestro debit card is issued only with Erste current account, so you will need to become our client, i.e. open an account with the Bank. You can do it in a nearby Erste branch office, where you can open current account

The card can be collected within ten days in the branch office of your choice, and PIN, depending on how it suits you best, arrives:

The new card must be activated. You can do it in the branch office, at an ATM or via on-line banking services. The card is ready for use shortly after activation.*

Fee for the new card in case of expiration or loss amounts to 25 Kuna. Fee for PIN allocation amounts to 10 Kuna.

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