Erste Maestro Plus

Withdraw cash from an ATM and repay it in instalments.

Key Information

  • cash withdrawals at ATMs  with repayment in 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments
  • shopping with instalment repayment and/or payment deferral at contracted points of sale without additional fees and interest
  • limit usage monitoring via Erste NetBanking, Erste SMS or statements that are sent free of charge
  • possible one month delay for first instalment
  • possible to combine the limit with allowed current account overdraft

Cash withdrawals at ATMs with repayment in instalments

Repayment Terms

3, 6, 9 i 12 months First instalment will be charged using your current account one month after transaction date


One-time fee Depending on selected repayment term


675 ATMs You can withdraw cash at any Erste bank ATM and repay in instalments

One-time fee is charged when cash is withdrawn and calculated based on the number of instalments: 3 instalments – 1.50% (effective interest rate 9.40%), 6 instalments – 2.70% (effective interest rate 9.80%), 9 instalments – 3.80% (effective interest rate 9.76%), 12 instalments – 4.90% (effective interest rate – 9.78%). Effective interest rate has been calculated for given number of instalments.

Representative example – if 1,800 kuna is withdrawn at an ATM on 1st of July 2016 using Erste Maestro Pus service, and 12 instalments are selected, one-time fee of 4.90% shall be charged immediately and will amount to 88.20 kuna. Effective interest rate is 9.78%. Monthly interest rate is 150.00 kuna, and total amount to be repaid by the client is 1888.20 kuna.

Shopping at contracted points of sale

Repayment Terms

3, 6, 9 and 12 months Possible one month delay for first instalment


No fees or interest rates At contracted points of sale

Number of points of sale

List of points of sale can be found below
Points of sale supporting Erste Maestro Plus service payments: List of Points of Sale

Erste Maestro Plus service requires:

Maestro card for your current account

Maestro Plus service agreement executed in any Erste bank branch

Request an appointment in the branch

You can choose date and branch for your meeting that suits you the most.


Order a call

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