Erste Foreign Currency Giro Account

If you regularly or occasionally work with international clients, this is the right account for you.

Foreign Currency Giro Account enables the following:

  • executing credit transfers in foreign currencies
  • using on-line banking services (internet banking service Erste NetBanking, mobile banking service Erste mBanking, Erste FonBanking)
  • “VISA Secure” service for secure online payments
  • fast access to funds at Erste ATMs in Croatia, as well as Erste Group ATMs abroad

On-line banking services with the foreign currency giro account

For your foreign currency giro account, you can request electronic services that will help you manage your funds. Find out more about the services:

Visa Classic Debit (for foreign currency accounts)

This versatile card is designed for current and giro foreign currency accounts users who want to have their resources in foreign currencies at hand – any time, any place.

Paperwork needed to open a foreign currency current account


Valid ID (for natural persons who are Croatian citizens: ID card)


Personal identification number (OIB)

Find out more about other account types: