Standing Orders and Direct Debits

Let us worry about timely payments of your commitments

Standing order and direct debit enable automatic payment of monthly obligations in time and without the need to go to the branch office.

  • standing order serves for money transfer of identical monthly amounts (e.g. savings, allowance or supplemental health insurance) in which you choose payment conditions (account of the recipient, payment amount, duration period and payment dynamics)
  • direct debit serves for payment of obligations with amounts that differ from month to month (e.g. life insurance, commitments on the loan or credit cards, telecommunication services)

Who can arrange such services

Standing orders and/or direct debit can be contracted by every client with the opened current or giro (Kuna or foreign currency) account or Kuna a vista account in the bank. Services can be contracted in all Erste bank branch offices and via internet banking service Erste NetBankingErste FonBanking and mobile banking service Erste mBanking.



Saving money

Standing order for money transfer between natural entities or on one's own account in Erste bank and direct debits areexecuted without a fee (except in direct debits for Istarski Vodovod).


Saving time

By paying via standing order or a direct debit you avoid going to the branch office, waiting in queues and thinking about changing payment amounts.


Cost planning

With the use of a standing order you do not have to remember due dates and hurry with payments because money is automatically transferred from your account on that day so that you are never late with your payments.

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