Erste Renovation Loans

Decorate the interior of your home or
close a loan in a different bank.

  • receipts must be submitted only for 40% of approved credit amount
  • up to 10,000 euro without deposit, up to 30,000 euro and 10 years without mortgage
  • possible to select loan in kuna or loan with currency clause in Euro
  • choice of fixed or variable interest rate

Key Information


up to 220,000 kuna
or 30,000 euro


up to 10
no mortgage

Loan processing fee

1% loan
up to 600 kuna, 1.200 kuna for mortgage loans

If a higher loan amount is required, please contact one of our branches.

Interest Rate



Kuna: Up to 10 years repayment

Euro: Up to 10 years repayment


Kuna: Repayment term up to 10 years (linked to NRS2 for HRK)

Euro: Repayment term up to 10 years (linked to 12M EURIBOR)

Loan Purpose

interior decoration of an apartment or a house

Purchasing and installing equipment (electrical installations, plumbing, doors, windows, sanitary facilities, building material, paint and varnishes) for housing

closing a renovation loan in a different bank


Loan Without a Mortgage

up to 75,000 HRK / 10,000 euro

  • consent to wage garnishment and a promissory note, both solemnized

75,000.01 to 225,000 kuna

10,000.01 to 30,000 euro

  • Consent to wage garnishment and a promissory note, both solemnized
  • 10% of term cash deposits pledged to the Bank or other instruments of your own choosing (life insurance policy with surrender value, tariff T6 housing savings of Wüstenrot stambena štedionica d.d. shares in investment funds of Erste Asset Management or a combination of these collaterals) or solidarity guarantee

The Bank reserves the right, in its discretion, to request additional security instruments.

Other Types of Housing Loans

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