I am starting a business

When you have a good business idea and you need a partner

You have a good business idea and you have decided to start your own business, but you are not sure about the next step? You have come to the right place! To make your business beginnings easier, we have all you need, from the transaction account, powerful online services, all the way to support via financing.

What should you do when starting a business?

Before opening an account it is necessary to pay cash for a founding deposit. You can execute payment in any Bank branch office:

  • to the account HR9524020061031262160
  • by calling the number 05 100109985

The account is set for that purpose and based on it the Bank immediately issues founding deposit payment receipt for the purpose of business entity registration at the Commercial Court.

You can execute payment of founding deposit in FINA branch offices as well, which on behalf of the Bank issues payment receipt for the purpose of business entity registration at Commercial Court.

When you open a transaction account for a regular business, founding deposit funds will be transferred to the newly opened account. If the registration process is stopped, founding deposit will be repaid upon your request, with the return of the founding deposit payment receipt.

To transfer founding deposit funds to a transaction account the request for repayment/payment of founding deposit is enough, signed by the representative of the newly founded legal entity.

Kako otvoriti račun online?

Request your transaction account online on our web pages.

Before you start, prepare the Ruling on incorporation into the register of competent authority or a respective proof of registration of business entity in order to have the necessary data at hand.

Go! Choose the account which suits the needs of your business. Don't forget powerful on-line banking services with which your business activities become simpler.

Upon completion, check the entered data one more time and “send” them to the bank with one click. You can check entered data in the shape of a form and you can save them locally and/or print them.

There is no need for printing forms unless you are a legal representative and are personally coming to the branch office.

You will get the list of status documentation which needs to be submitted, while online filled in forms will be waiting for you in any bank branch office. The documents need to be signed and notarized.

Your business account will be opened on the next working day at the latest and you will be notified thereof. We will deliver the original copy of the Contract with the number of the newly opened account to the address provided in the documentation.