Erste Wallet

Zaboravite novčanik, plaćajte mobitelom!

Intro phone upper

Pay by scanning the QR-code using your Apple or Android mobile device.

No wallet needed.



Open the application by entering your mPIN.



Scan the QR code displayed by the retailer.



Select the account that will be used for this payment.



                     That is it!                                      




You always have your mobile phone on you.


It is safer than the wallet.


You do not need to worry about carrying cash.



Pay using your mobile phone at all stores that carry Erste Wallet label.


Money orders

Execute incoming or outgoing transactions - fast and simple!


Using multiple accounts

Use any of your private transaction accounts. Make payments and monitor your transactions.


Account balance overview

Verify your account balance - anytime and anywhere.


Loyalty cards

You can leave your loyalty cards at home. Erste Wallet saves them as digital copies that can be used whenever you need them. You do not need to be an Erste client in order to use this service.

Become a user

Download free application for your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Erste Wallet must be requested at a nearby Erste Bank branch in order to use all its features.