Erste mBanking

Execute all financial transactions using your smartphone.

Our mobile banking service, Erste mBanking, enables you to perform financial transactions without waiting in queue at bank branch or post office, without hurrying to be at a branch during work hours in order to perform transactions or pay your bills. You can view your account status, pay your bills in two seconds, start savings account or a standing order, and perform other transactions from almost any location in the world.


Scan and pay

You no longer need to fill out a payment order - you can simply scan the bill using your phone, and payment order will be filled out automatically.



Total freedom of movement. Transactions can be executed anywhere in Croatia and the world.



Banking services are instantly available at any time of day, 24/7.



Transactions on all Erste accounts can be viewed at any moment. 

mBanking also enables you to:

  • View balance and transactions for all your Erste accounts, as well as for accounts you have been assigned.
  • View all transactions executed using mBanking and our internet banking service, NetBanking.
  • Transfer funds between accounts managed by the bank, including payments of loan commitments and foreign currency purchases.
  • Pay all types of bills in HRK using general payment slip. Setup fixed-term deposing using valid interest rates.
  • Buy mobile phone credit (T-Mobile, VIP, Tele2, tomato, bonbon).
  • View exchange rate list and calculate currency conversion.

Secure and simple login.


Log in using four-digit PIN is fast and simple.

What is the simplest way to pay the bills?


Prepare your payment slip and log in to mBanking.


Select the Scan and Pay option and scan the 2D barcode on your payment slip.


Verify payment info and confirm.

Try out mBanking

Download our free application, select the mBanking demo option and try out all application

You are already using our NetBanking service?

Activate mBanking using your NetBanking account and start using our mobile banking app right away!

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