Erste NetBanking

Our internet banking service that will simplify your finance management.

NetBanking Refreshed

Improved Erste NetBanking service for business clients, as well as redesigned login page for private clients.


Balance and Transactions Overview

View the balance of all your accounts (current and giro accounts,
foreign currency accounts, fixed-term deposits in domestic currency and foreign currencies, loan accounts in domestic currency and foreign currencies).

Funds Management

Manage and plan your income and expenses for free using simple and advanced control options.

Payment Orders in kuna and Foreign Currencies

Pay your bills, transfer funds between accounts and take advantage of our low service fees.

Electronic Bills

Receive your bills in electronic form in NetBanking application and pay them in one click.

Opening Savings Account

You can open a savings account online by depositing only 100 HRK and adding more whenever you want. Amount is up to you as well. You dream of buying a new car, continuing your education or visiting an exotic destination? Or you need extra money to pay your car registration fee? First step: Start saving with minimum deposit of 100 HRK.

Managing Erste Asset Management Funds

Issue/purchase/exchange your investment fund assets using Erste Asset Management.

Managing Other Services

Activate, deactivate and modify your Erste SMS, Erste FonBanking and Erste mBanking, our mobile banking service.

Managing Standing Orders and Direct Debit

Set up, view and cancel automatic payment orders.

Secure and simple login


Log in to on-line banking services quickly and simply by entering a four-digit PIN on your smartphone!

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