Broker Services

  • Direct trading at national, regional and world stock markets
  • Direct access to over 20 financial markets
  • Trading in stocks, bonds, certificates, ETFs and investment funds


We are offering broker services for trading in financial instruments (stocks, bonds, certificates, rights, auction agency services) at:

1.  National market – Zagreb Stock Exchange

As a member of Zagreb Stock Exchange and Central Depository and Clearing Company (CDCC), we are providing services that enable fast and simple securities trading.

Securities trading service includes:

  • Opening an order to buy/sell securities;
  • Transaction execution;
  • Complete service of payment and ownership transfer for securities in Central Depository and Clearing Company, or in applicable bank.

Our brokers will enable you to buy or sell securities in very short period, and will regularly inform you on current status of financial market. We are also offering securities custody service.

2. International markets - at over 20 international markets

We enable you to independently trade at over twenty international financial markets, with fast and direct order execution. We have proved ourselves as a market leader in terms of innovation and implementation of new technologies.

For complete business security and transparency, assets that are used when trading at international markets are placed on a custody account. For this purpose, a separate custody account should be opened when trading at international stock markets.

How to request ERSTE Broker service

Trading in securities is very simple if you are using Erste bank broker services. Broker account can be opened in any of our numerous branches, where you need to fill out all necessary paperwork for opening a broker account.

Investment Portal

Posjetite Investicijski portal Erste Group Bank AG i saznajte najnovije informacije o kretanjima na financijskim tržištima.


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