A Vista Savings

Ability to use your resources at any given moment.

  • Funds on your account are always available
  • Save in any currency listed on Bank’s exchange rate list
  • Excluded from tax and local income tax

If you would like to always be able to use the funds available on your a vista savings account, this is the right type of the account for you.

Key Information

interest rate

fixed 0.01% for all currencies


available at all times

additional deposits and payouts

possible at branches, via NetBanking, mBanking and FonBanking

Terms of A Vista Savings


Interest rate is fixed, it is calculated on monthly basis, and it is added at the end of the calendar year, or upon account closure.


Client can use his/her a vista savings funds up to the amount available on the account, adhering to rule of maximum payout amount without prior notification.


A vista savings account can be contracted by both residents and non-residents at Bank branches (accounts can also be opened for residents who are not yet of legal age).


All terms listed above shall govern residents’ and non-residents’ savings accounts, and everything else shall be governed by General Terms of Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d. for retail business activities (apart from terms regulating loans) and positive regulations.

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