Children's Savings "Medo Štedo"

  • Start saving by depositing 50 kuna
  • Deposit when and how much you wish
  • Gift for dear youngsters
  • Children's Savings “Medo Štedo” is not offered to non-residents

If you would like to show your child, grandchild, godchild or another child that is dear to your heart the benefits of saving, start this type of savings account by depositing 50 HRK. Deposit how much and when you want, select due date and enable your child to reach for the stars! Along with the regular savings interest, you also get the attractive additional premium which is based on interest rate, and can be as high as 15%. If you want to gift a savings account to a child, you can request a gift card at any Erste Bank branch.

Key Information

More on children's savings "Medo Štedo"

Premium shall be calculated on fixed-term expiration date using total interest rate. Bank shall approve premium payout if fixed term period has been completed.

Required documentation for opening Medo Štedo children’s savings account:

  • Birth certificate
  • Guardians also need a valid certificate issued by Social Security Department confirming their status of a legal guardian
  • OIB of the child and their representative (parent/guardian)

Medo Štedo children's savings account can be contracted by a parent (legal representative / guardian) at any branch. Apart from required documentation listed above, they will also need to fill out an application form.

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