Erste awards

Take a look at the achievements of Erste Bank which stand out with their innovation and care for their clients

Erste is the first bank in Croatia which offered innovations such as these to the market: debit cards with chip-technology or full mobile banking service - Erste mBanking. Big innovations were also housing cash loans models with the so-called residual value, as well as withdrawing cash at an ATM and repayment in instalments via Erste Maestro Plus service.

Erste Bank was the first to open its account on the social network Facebook and it also offered a rounded mBanking service for smartphones, as well as the unique "Photo and Pay" service. The mentioned was recognised by, besides satisfied clients, the expert public, and confirmed by many obtained awards.


The Banker and PWM magazines present  Erste with the award for the best private banking in CroatiaErste Bank

Croatia was presented with the award for the best private banking in Croatia by The Banker and PWM, international financial magazines from the Financial Times Group. International Erste Group received the awards in the categories ‘Best Private Banking Service in Central and Eastern Europe’ and ‘Best Private Banking Service in Austria’ for 2021. “Being presented with this award for the fourth time is an exceptional recognition for the high-quality of private banking services provided by Erste banka, which has operated in Croatia for many years, providing services in line with Erste Group’s private banking standards. In the challenging environment created by the pandemic, the focus on stability and on providing support to our clients, along with a personalised product offer and an individual approach, have yielded excellent results, even in these difficult times”, said Kristina Buconjić, director of EBC’s private banking division. With offices in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek, EBC's private banking division serves more than a thousand clients.

EBRD presents Erste banka with the award for the most active bank in financing international trade

EBRD presented Erste bank Croatia with the award for the most active partner bank in financing international trade in Croatia for the fourth consecutive year under its 2020 Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP), in which awards are presented to the most successful partner banks. Erste bank Croatia and EBRD’s cooperation on the TFP dates back to 2015 and is aimed at promoting international business and supporting importers and exporters. 

Focus Economics chooses Erste's macro analysts as the best in Croatia in 2020

EBC’s macro analysts are this year’s winners of the award for best macro forecasts in Croatia in 2020, presented by UK's prestigious Focus Economics, the leading provider of economic analysis services and forecasts for 131 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and America. Apart from being the best and most accurate forecasters in Croatia, among nearly 20 teams of analysts, Erste Bank Croatia analysts were also the runners-up in Serbia. “We are very happy with the fact that we have been doing very well in Focus Economics rankings for years, and the continuity of such results only goes to confirm the quality and competence of our work. A worthy recognition, with the first and second place in Croatia and Serbia respectively, serves as an additional motive to continue on the same path in our daily work. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank my colleagues from the team who have been working with dedication in all segments of economic analysis,” said Alen Kovač, Head of the Economic Research Divison.


Erste bank Croatia was awarded the ‘Golden kuna’ for the seventh time

At the 24th ‘Golden kuna’ award ceremony for the most successful companies in the Republic of Croatia, which was presented in a total of eight categories, Erste bank Croatia was named the best bank among the five nominated largest banks on the market.

This is the seventh ‘Golden kuna’ awarded to EBC for the most successful business, which is the largest number of awards won in the competition of all banks that have won this prestigious award since 1998, when it was awarded for the first time (from 2014 to 2016 there was no official award ‘Golden kuna’).

"I would like to thank our employees for their overall contribution, but also all our clients, whose trust obliges us to continue on the same path. We see the ‘Golden kuna’ as a confirmation of the correctness of our business model in these very demanding times, but also as a recognition for its active role in the development of the Croatian economy and encouraging the prosperity of the entire community”, said Christoph Schoefboeck, CEO of Erste bank Croatia.

EBRD awards TFP award to Erste bank Croatia for the most successful partner bank in Croatia for the third year in a row

As part of the award ceremony for the most successful partner banks for 2019, within the TFP (Trade Facilitation Program), the EBRD awarded EBC the award for the most active partner bank in financing international trade in Croatia for the third year in a row. The cooperation between EBC and the EBRD on the TFP program began in May 2015, with the aim of promoting international business and providing support to exporters and importers. Through the EBRD TFP program, EBC offers its clients improved financing conditions that enable companies to enter and conquer new markets. Through this program, EBC monitors companies in strengthening and expanding their business to ensure business continuity by financing their export, import and local distribution operations. So far, a number of transactions have been supported, which resulted in the intensive use of the program limit in the total amount of 11 million euros, and brought recognition as the most active bank of the EBRD partner in the field of international trade financing in Croatia.


Erste Private Banking is the best private banking in Croatia, Austria and South East Europe

For the third time in the last five years, Erste Bank won the award for the best private banking in Croatia for 2019 as part of the "Global Private Banking Awards" jointly organized by The Banker and PWM, international financial magazines from the Financial Times group. In addition to Erste Bank in Croatia, these magazines awarded the Erste Group two more awards in the categories: "Best Private Banking Service in Central and Eastern Europe" and "Best Private Banking Service in Austria" for 2019.

In addition to Erste Bank in Croatia, the award for the best private banking service was won by Erste Group for Central and Eastern Europe for the sixth year in a row. The 2019 PWM / The Banker Awards Jury highlighted the fact that Erste Group is one of the leading asset management firms in the region, where it also operates in local private banking units in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Croatia.

Erste Bank awarded with the Employer Partner Certificate for the sixth time in a row

Leading human resources management and employment mediation film Selectio published its list of Top 5 Employer Partners for 2019, with Erste Bank among the best, again, positioning itself as an employer with the best HR practices in the banking sector.

"I am very proud of the whole team and I am glad that we are once again in the company of companies that are trying to make the work environment a better place," said Maja Crnjak, Director of Human Resources at Erste Bank, and continued: "Although we are responsible for the implementation and enforcement of most of the processes related to our work in the bank, without the support of the entire management we would not be able to do much. So, a thank you to them for helping us win this award."

The list of Top 5 Employer Partners has been published since 2008, and all organizations that have entered the Top 5 are continuously investing in the development of their employees with quality systems for performance appraisal and education. In addition, they pay special attention towards employees, put special value on diversity and inclusiveness as something more than just a series of regulations and initiatives.

DK Festival 2019 Awards

Erste Bank had ample reason to celebrate at 2019’s DK Festival in Rovinj. These past five years have seen Andrija skyrocket beyond his marketing scope and became a cultural phenomenon of sorts, winning the Golden Effie in the category of long-term efficiency. This would not have been possible without our main creative agency Utorak, with the support of MediaCom Central Europe Zagreb, 404 agency and BBDO Zagreb. In addition, KEKS Pay – our mobile app for “sweet transactions” – got the MIXX Award for best mobile app, which was achieved in collaboration with the Flow 404 agency.

EBRD names Erste Bank as the most successful partner bank in Croatia for the second year in a row

At the annual meeting and business forum of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which took place in Sarajevo, awards were given to the most successful partner banks for 2018, within the TFP (Trade Facilitation Program). For the second year in a row, Erste Bank received the award for the most active partner-bank in financing international trade in Croatia. The award was presented to Boris Centner, member of the Management Board of Erste Bank, and Sanja Gracin, Head of Trade and Export Financing. The event attracted more than 270 bank representatives within the TFP, as well as leading experts and regulators who discussed the challenges in the industry.


EBRD TFP awarded Erste Bank as the ‘Most Active Partner Bank in Croatia’

The EBRD Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP) has honoured its most successful partner banks in 2017 in an award ceremony at the Bank’s Annual Meeting and Business Forum in Jordan. Erste Bank was awarded for ‘Most Active Partner bank in in Croatia. On behalf of Erste Bank, Boris Centner, member of the Management Board  and Sanja Gracin, head of Trade and Export Finance received the award. The event attracted more than 250 representatives of banks under TFP, as well as decision-makers in trade finance to discuss industry challenges with leading experts, including regulators.


Employer Partner Certificate

Erste Bank has proven for the fourth time that human resources management is one of the key elements of its business, and has been awarded the prestigious Employer Partner Excellence Certificate for Human Resource Excellence.

The Bank has outstanding results in the certification process year by year and can boast of the status of the best Employer Partner in the banking sector with a high total score of 98% of the total number of points. The Bank maintained a remarkable result in spite of the significant level of compliance required to obtain the Certificates and demonstrated its continued investment in development and thus set standards for human resource management in the banking sector.

Days of Communication

At the national festival of advertising held in Rovinj, the campaign "Be at home at your place" won a gold award Ideja X 2017, and a special award for the best copywriting went to the creative person with style and good humor Jakov Vilović.

Erste won MIXX award for the best digital strategy for the campaign, "Erste powerful online services for entrepreneurs", wich proved that Erste Bank leads in the financial sector in the use of online formats and channels for delivering advertising messages.


Days of Communication

The national festival of advertising brought Erste Bank two important awards. Ideja X for the most creative campaign in the category of financial and insurance services and Silver Effie, the award for the most effective ad campaign. Ideja X was won for the "Mylo" campaign, which was created with the support of Utorak and Gray Worldwide Zagreb agencies. Silver Effie was awarded for the "Erste online cash loan" campaign, featuring agencies Gray Worldwide Zagreb and Utorak, the Bureau of Propaganda, and the media agency MediaCom Central Europe Zagreb.


Weekend Media Festival

Among best 25 in the region

On Weekend Media Festival, regional gathering of thousands marketing professionals (advertisers, media and agencies), Erste Bank received BalCannes certificate for “Because we know how much you like to go to the bank” as one of the best 25 advertisements in the region in the last year!

SELECTIO - Partner Employer Certificate

Erste Bank is a proud holder of the Partner Employer Certificate awarded by the company SELECTIO for the best employer in the banking sector. Bank has for the second time conducted the certification process based on the Partner Employer methodology and attained high 98% of points, which puts it among the best evaluated organisations in the area of employee management.
Partner Employer Certificate was given to the CEO Christoph Schoefboeck and


Days of Communication

Erste Bank has for the third time won Ideja X on Days of Communication in Rovinj! In the financial and insurance services category, the campaign “Cash loans online” was awarded, created by the bank with the support of the agency Utorak d.o.o., Promotion Bureau and Grey Worldwide Zagreb. Besides, Erste Bank gave the award for Ideja Xica category, in which students were competing in designing marketing strategy for banking services for young people. On the topic “BankarenjeBezkravate” (eng. banking without a tie), award was given to the student project “E-magazin i Bankar grad” (eng. E-magazine and Banker city).



“The Banker” - acknowledgement for the best private banking service in Croatia

International financial magazine “The Banker” has in 2014 announced Erste Bank's private banking service the best service of such type in Croatia. With Erste Bank in Croatia, The Banker has put the international Erste Group among the most successful banking groups in the world when it comes to private banking services and awarded it with two more prestigious awards in categories: “Best Private Bank in Central and Eastern Europe” and “Best Private Bank in Austria” for 2014.


Days of Communication

Erste bank representatives returned from the national advertising festival - Days of Communication, held in Rovinj, with the best acknowledgement of the profession - three awards! MIXX award in the category Brand Awareness for Erste smart current account card and in the category Mobile for Erste Redomat. Besides, Erste bank has creatively overpowered strong competitors in financial and insurance services by getting the Ideja X award for the advertisement for fast cash loans. All this was achieved with the professional, creative and technical support by agencies: Grey Zagreb, Infinum, iZone and MediaCom.


Zagreb Stock Exchange Award

In the end of 2013 Erste Bank won Zagreb Stock Exchange Award second time in a row. This time, the bank shares the award for the Member of the Year with Intercapital Securities Ltd. Even though times in which we find ourselves are challenging, Erste Bank is always trying to offer opportunities for investments which exist in world markets to Croatian investors and give its contribution to the process of market education in whole.

Weekend Media Festival

On the sixth Weekend Media Festival in Rovinj, Erste mBanking application for mobile phones won the SoMa award in the mobile category for the best mobile application “Application with the big A”. The Infinium company representative, who developed the application, received the Award.

Days of Communication

On Days of Communication, national festival of marketing communications, Erste won three awards. Erste Bank won the silver award Effie for the campaign “Do banking with Kuna” and the award X in the category for financial and insurance services, for the housing loans campaign “Mission: Moving out”. In the “Brand Awareness” category, the award MIXX for online presence was given to the campaign “Diners in the online world” by Erste Card Club.


Euromoney - “Best private banking service”

British financial magazine Euromoney awarded Erste Bank with the award for the “Best private banking service” in Croatia for 2013. The award is given based on the research Euromoney conducts on the annual level in over sixty countries. The crucial factor in choosing the best were the funds in management, profitability, number of clients and private bankers ratio, as well as the portfolio of services offered. Additional importance is given to the fact that the award is based on the research conducted within the banking sector, i.e. banks are not evaluated and ranked by the jury, but by the experts from the sector, choosing the best in all categories - globally and regionally.

SELECTIO - Partner Employer Certificate

Erste Bank is a proud holder of the Employer Partner Certificate awarded by the SELECTIO company for improvement and work in the development of human resources. Bank achieved best results in the areas of recruitment and selection, as well as work, motivation and rewarding. This puts us among the top 3 holders of the Certificate in the category of companies with more than 1 000 employees. The certificate was awarded on 31st January 2013 Maja Crnjak, Head of Human Resources Division.


Zagreb Stock Exchange Award

In the end of 2012, bank won the “Award for the exceptional contribution to capital market development” on the first award ceremony by Zagreb Stock Exchange (ZSE). In the explanation by the ZSE Board for Awards, a continual, perennial Erste Bank's activity in capital market development was stressed out, and this culminated in 2012 with the introduction of the possibility to trade in certificates on Zagreb Stock Exchange which was crucial in choosing Erste Bank in that category.


On the traditional selection “Vidi top 100” for 2012, best web and mobile pages in Croatian and regional virtual space were chosen. Erste mBanking application was announced best in “Mobile web and applications” category.


IdejaX 02

On the national advertising festival IdeaX 02, in May 2012, Erste Bank won the award MIXX for the best advertising work in online/digital media. Campaign “Photo and Pay” won the award for the most effective digital campaign in the category “Direct Response & Lead Generation”.


HUOJ Grand Prix

Quality, innovation and use of the wide array of communication channels towards clients and public was recognised by the Professional Association for Public Relations - HUOJ which awarded Erste Bank with the Grand Prix award in the category “Public relations in business sector for big companies”, for the project “Erste Bank's virtual branch office communication” in the end of 2011.