Management Board

Christoph Schoefboeck

Christoph Schoefboeck has been appointed President of the Management Board of Erste Bank Croatia in May 2015.

Mr. Schoefboeck has extensive and long-standing experience in various management positions. Before coming to his current position, he was the CRO (Chief Risk Officer) in Erste Bank Croatia in the period 2011-2015, at the same time holding various Supervisory Board functions within Erste Group Croatia. Prior to that he was the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and a Member of the Board in ZAO Raiffeisenbank in Moscow, in charge of all operational and IT activities of the bank including a successful large bank merger and holding business responsibilty for a large business region. From 2003 to 2006 he was the CRO and COO in HVB Splitska banka, and from 2002 to 2003 he was the authorised representative and Member of the Board in HVB Croatia d.d.

Mr. Schoefboeck holds a doctorate in economics from Faculty of Economics at Vienna University, where he was also involved in large research projects. He attended numerous management trainings in Switzerland, Great Britain and USA.

Apart from his mother tongue, German, Mr. Schoefboeck is also fluent in Croatian, English and Russian.

Responsibilities: Legal Division, Strategy and Project Management Division, Human Resources Division, Marketing Division, Internal Audit Division and Corporate Communication Office.

Borislav Centner

Borislav Centner has graduated from Economic Faculty in Zagreb, and passed his broker and banker exam after that. He received his professional training in long-term financing at AIB International Consultants in Dublin, Ireland.

His career began in 1990, when he started working for Trgovačka banka Zagreb as senior financial officer. From 1992 until 1995, he has performed the role of Divisional Director, and then Corporate Division Director at Trgovačka banka. From 1995 until 2000, he has been a member of Management Board at Trgovačka banka Zagreb. From 2000 until 2003, he has been member of Management Board at Erste&Steiermärkische d.d. Zagreb, after merger of Trgovačka, Čakovečka and Bjelovarska banka. After the merger of Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d. Zagreb and Riječka banka d.d. Rijeka during 2003, he became a member of Management Board at Erste&Steiermärkische d.d. Rijeka, third bank largest bank on Croatian market.

Responsibilities: SME Division, Large Corporates Division, Financial Markets Division, Corporates and Markets Business Development and Support Divison

Martin Hornig

Martin Hornig graduated from Vienna's University of Economics and Business. After working five years in management consulting he joined Erste Group in 1998 where since then he held different executive functions.

From 2014 on he is Member of the Management Board and COO of Erste Steiermaerkische Bank.

Responsibilites: IT and Organization Divison, Processing Division, Property and Service Management Department

Krešimir Barić

Krešimir Barić has been employed at EBC since December 2006, and he will become a Board Member after spending 15 years at managerial positions within the fields of accounting and controlling. He spent a year at Erste Group in Vienna as the Head of Performance and Capital management and gained additional international experience there. Other than that, he took part in rotational training programs within Erste Group, as well as many group projects, such as the IEDC Business School at Bled, which helped him gain managerial experience. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics and is an active user of English and German.

Responsibilities: Accounting and Controlling Division, Asset and Liability Management Division, Group Tax Office, Economic Research Division

Zdenko Matak

Zdenko Matak has graduated from Faculty of Economy in Zagreb, and has begun his career in 1989 at IT department of Bjelovarska banka. From 1999 until 2004, he held several executive positions at Retail Division of Bjelovarska banka and Erste Bank. From 2004 until his Management Board appointment, he was in charge of Retail Division of Erste Bank.

Responsibilities: Retail Division, Direct Channels Division, Retail Business Development Division, Digital Transformation Team.

Hannes Frotzbacher

Hannes Frotzbacher joined Erste Group in 2010, after 14 years of working experience at Creditanstalt AG and Unicredit Bank Austria AG. In the period 2010-2012 he was responsible for Group Corporate Risk management, and for the past seven years he served as the Head of Group Credit Risk Management (CCO - Chief Credit Officer). From 2013 until the present, he also served as a Member of the EBC’s Supervisory Board. He holds a master’s degree in legal science and has professional education in finances, banking, and management skills development.

Responsibilities: Risk Management Division, Credit Risk Management Division, Non-financial Risk Division, Corporate Security Division, Collection and Work-out Division

Supervisory Board

  • Willibald Cernko, President of Supervisory Board
  • Georg Bucher, Vice President of Supervisory Board
  • Walburga Seidl, Member of Supervisory Board
  • Ingo Bleier, Member of Supervisory Board
  • Judit Ágnes Havasi, Member of Supervisory Board
  • Nikolai Leo De Arnoldi, Member of Supervisory Board
  • Roland Klimesch, Member of Supervisory Board