International Payments

By opening a multi-currency transaction account at Erste bank, you will be able to perform fast and secure payments for your international partners.

International payments can be executed using Erste NetBanking or Erste mBanking, or via email, as well as by submitting a payment order at payment operations counter at Bank branches. Along with payment operations, this account also enables you to buy and sell foreign currency, and receive information on account updates. International credit transfer is performed using SWIFT network, and bank takes special care to ensure all transactions are executed in a secure and prompt manner.


Fast, secure and simple payment execution for your international


Latest technology solutions for payment operations will significantly
accelerate and simplify your everyday business activities.


Using SEPA PriEuro and FIT 2.0 payments, Erste bank enables you to execute international payments in Euro on the same day.

PriEuro Payments

PriEuro payments are payments in Euro between members of European Economic Area and Erste Group banks that will be transferred to recipient’s account within four hours after payer submits his/her payment order. That means that recipient will receive their money on the same day the payment was made.

PriEuro payment orders shall be executed within 4 hours after valid order has been submitted.

FIT 2.0 (Fast Intergroup Transfer 2.0)

By using Erste Group synergy, Erste bank is offering you a special service that enables you to take advantage of lower fees when executing transactions between accounts at Erste Group members who participate in this service. Whether you send or receive money, your payment shall be executed on the very same day.

FIT 2.0 service enables you to make fast and efficient payments to your business partners in Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldavia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

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