Erste Tourism Loans

Happy customer will always return! Fuel your tourism activities.

  • no additional collaterals for loan amounts up to 10,000 euro
  • choice of fixed or variable interest rate
  • flexible repayment tailored to your needs
  • 12 month delay for mortgage loans
  • Erste Tourism Loans are not offered to non-residents
Key Information

Interest rate

from 5,45% variable interest rate*, for 10 year repayment term, possible to use fixed interest rate

Maximum amount

30.000 euro with mortgage, maximum amount up to 500,000 euro

Cash amount

40% with mortgage, up to 30% of loan amount can be received in cash**

Calculation example:

*Interest rate is dependent on the business relationship between the borrower and the bank, and on the Bank’s assessment of borrower’s credit risk.  For loan amount of 30,000 Euro, interest rate of 5.79%, 10 year repayment term, and 600.00 Kuna processing fee, calculated on 01/02/2017, effective interest rate (EIR) is 6.02%, monthly annuity 330.06 Euro, and total amount to be repaid by the borrower is 39,687.25 Euro.

**without documenting loan purpose

Enables you to

renovate, furnish, expand or reconstruct existing facilities (small hotels, apartments, rooms, camps, restaurants, sports facilities and other buildings)

purchase or build new tourism facilities

purchase a vessel or other tourism rental equipment

refinancing a special-purpose tourism loan in a different bank

Other Benefits

  • Repayment terms starting from 3 months
  • Lower interest rate if building, renovating or furnishing a 4 or 5-star facility

Special Advantage

As of now, income from tourism activities can be used to request all other types of loans as well.