Housing loans

  • up to 250,000 EUR with currency clause
  • variable interest rate
  • up to 20 years repayment

Dreaming of a new home? We're here to advise you on loan terms that fit your needs and options. Choose the amount, repayment period, loan purpose – and dive into our offers. The quest for your new home starts online.

Key Information


up to
250,000 EUR


3 to 20

Loan processing fee



Variable interest rate

Variable interest rate consists of fixed and variable part, whereby fixed part implies the contracted number of percentage points that does not change for the whole loan repayment period, while the variable part represents market parameter, i.e. reference interest rate - 4,04% linked to 6M NRS1.

Loan Purpose

Purchase of residential space (apartment, house, suite)

Building, extension, reconstruction or completion and maintenance of residential space

Purchase of building plots and municipal development

Purchase/construction of the garage, storage or parking space, with the purchase of residential space

Adaptation of residential space


The Bank accepts collateral that are situated in the Republic of Croatia.

  • Consent to wage garnishment and a promissory note, both solemnized.
  • Mortgage and property insurance policy to the benefit of the Bank. Maximum loan amount can be up to 60% of the estimated value of the pledged property (Down payment amount for minimum 40% of the purchase price/estimated value).

The Bank reserves the right, in its discretion, to request additional security instruments

Loan costs

Fee for processing loan request

without fee

Estimated value of the real estate

For loans insured with a lien on a real estate, it is necessary to estimate the value of the real estate at consumer’s cost.

The value of the real estate is determined via estimation by authorised assessors acceptable to the Bank.

Insurance costs:

Real estate insurance policy - for loans insured with a lien on a real estate, it is necessary to insure the real estate by insuring property, at consumer's cost according to the price list of the insurance company.

Other costs:

Costs related to confirmation/solemnisation of the loan agreement and other notary fees and lien registry fees.